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One Year Acupuncture Training Course

A new way to study acupuncture. Join our one of a kind rolling study programme. Start any time and become an acupuncturist in 12 months.

Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

A new way to study acupuncture.

Become an acupuncturist in 12 months with our comprehensive blended learning course.

Acupuncture Training Course

Join our revolutionary one-year acupuncture training course. No start date. Begin your training at any time.

The Acupuncture Society Accredited Course
Complementary Medical Association

Meet The Tutors

Your tutors have 59 combined years of professional acupuncture experience. They have developed, designed and delivered practical and online courses to students worldwide. Michael and Paul have both taught acupuncture in India, and Paul has taught in Japan. Michael studied under the eminent Professor J. R. Worsley, the founder of the College of Traditional Acupuncture (CTA) Leamington Spa.

MICHAEL BAKER Post Grad Dip (HPE) BAc. MFHT Dip in Life Coaching 2ND DAN


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Michael Baker and Paul Adkins

Why Study Five Element Acupuncture?

Training as a Five Element acupuncturist via our UK acupuncture course provides a unique opportunity. You will learn to treat the cause of your patient’s energetic imbalances and empower those patients to recognise and change the reasons that lead to ill health.

Five Element acupuncture training enhances awareness of the dynamic elemental energies within your environment, strengthening your resolve to treat your patients on all Mind, Body, and Spirit levels. 

The Five Element theory and the acupuncture treatment protocol are rooted in the Chinese medicine Classics.

The Five Elements Chinese Characters

CPD Practical Workshops

The International College of Acupuncture offers a range of practical workshops for acupuncture CPD.

acupuncture needling

The Management and Treatment of Pain

Explore the treatment principles and needling techniques required when treating pain, taking into…

Acupuncture Training

The Art of Acupuncture Needling

An introduction to a series of techniques to support and enhance the guided hands-on practice…

Qi Energy Hands

Qi Energy Development & Awareness

An introduction to a series of Qi Awareness and breathing techniques to support and enhance…

Pregnancy and fertility acupuncture training

Fertility & Reproductive Health

A one-day workshop covering acupuncture for natural and assisted fertility support e.g IUI…

Cosmetic Acupuncture training

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Learn Paul Adkins’ Cosmetic Acupuncture protocol, now practised worldwide…

CPD Online Courses

Certification is provided by FACIALENHANCE® for Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online training.

Acupuncture Courses UK

Five Element Acupuncture Theory

This course provides Five Element thinking to your diagnosis and treatments.

Facial Acupuncture Training

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Learn Paul Adkins’ Cosmetic Acupuncture protocol online, now practised worldwide.

Jade Roller Course

Facial Enhancement Jade Roller Massage

Discover the ancient secrets… ten acupressure points, gua sha and massage techniques.

What our
students say

Having the opportunity to train in something I have wanted to do for a long time under both Michael and Paul is such an incredible privilege and a valued opportunity. The course is delivered with a passion and breadth of knowledge that can only come from their years of experience; their enthusiasm for the subject has enhanced my own leaning experience.

Kelly Richards

Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in health and well-being, either professional or personal, to enquire further with the team at ICA and discover the range of learning and opportunities available.

The delivery and content of the 5 Element Diploma has been beyond expectations with tutors readily sharing their vast experiences and resources.

Ciaran Ryder

Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

Being part of the ‘family’ at ICA and having the opportunity to train alongside such knowledgeable practising acupuncturists has just been an amazing experience. Looking back on our first weekend, it helps me appreciate the huge amount of learning that we have already done, even though it hasn’t felt so overwhelming due to the support of our tutors and each other as a group.

Sarah Phillips

Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

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