Healing with Pressure Point Therapy

Healing with Pressure Point Therapy

by Jack Forem, Steve Shimer L.Ac

A practical guide that shows readers how to treat over 100 common ailments using a variety of effective, natural therapies. It covers acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, marma therapy, acu-yoga, trigger-point therapy, massage and pressure point therapy. This book has a wide appeal, so is a great one to have on any bookshelf and contains useful diet/lifestyle information that your patents may also find useful.

Paul Adkins Lic.Ac., BA(Hons), 1st Dan, FEA, MBAcC


From the Author
A comprehensive, holistic book on pressure point healing.

Steve (my co-author) and I worked long and hard to create a book that would be truly helpful. We aimed to be complete, comprehensive, and holistic. We focused not only on healing, but on strategies for prevention and maintaining good health. And not only on pressure point procedures, but also on other natural approaches that anyone can use, such as simple exercises and stretches, diet (helpful foods and foods to avoid), meditation and stress management, herbs, supplements, etc. We drew from useful knowledge of both East and West. In addition to specific procedures for about 100 conditions (organized in an easy-to-use A to Z format) we’ve included a “Daily Health Builder,” and “Eleven Universal Guidelines for Healthy Living.” We’ve also included over 200 illustrations, to help you locate each point precisely. We hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful.

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