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December 2012 – Water Rat Part II

As a special treat for Christmas, we’re sharing Ba Zi consultant Stacey George’s Solar Fortnight insight for the Winter Solstice. Previous forecasts, can be found in the ‘5 Element Archives’ within the ‘Ancient Wisdom’ section of the Members Only Area. Classical Five-Element Acupuncturists, can register with us here.

Solar Fortnight: Winter Solstice – 21st December 2012 20:16

Hour Day Month Year
Earth Fire Water Water
Dog Dragon Rat Dragon

So, here we are at the time of maximum yin, deep in the depths of midwinter the Fire struggles to shine out amidst the seemingly endless torrents of Water. What this dim light needs is Wood to feed it and bring us all out of the gloom. The seeds are hidden and although the process may seem slow and steady, progress and regeneration is beginning.

There’s not only strong Water right now, but a fair amount of Earth too. The two combined can indicate instability, both emotionally and in our environment. The excess Water Element can heighten the feeling of fear about what lies ahead; this underlying current can sweep us away, if we’re not careful. We may believe that we need to solely depend on our own abilities… It’s great to feel self-sufficient, but what we could really do with is support. Now’s the time to learn from one another; friendship furthers.

Systems philosophers have said that we’re at a “chaos point”, which, if I’m not mistaken, seems to infer great imbalance. It’s hard not to become stuck in our ways, but if we help one another and take responsibility, small actions can make a big difference. Gandhi famously said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Yes, there’s been a huge amount of Water, but the flip side is purification, clearing the way for the yang warmth to re-emerge and light our way.

In Chinese tradition the Winter Solstice or Dung Gee is a time when families get together and, as with the Christmas period, this signals a break from pressing demands. And, many people may feel in need of a detox by the New Year, as they over-indulge even more than usual over the next couple of weeks!

Wishing you a peaceful time throughout this festive season and here’s to health, wealth and happiness for the awakening Water Snake year of 2013.

©Stacey George



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