Calling All Newly Qualified Acupuncturists

It can be so daunting when you work on your own as an acupuncturist, especially when you are first starting out in practice. You miss the interaction with other professionals and the ability to be able to have a chat about things and get their opinions and input.

You have just qualified. You have your diploma or certificate on the wall. It’s just a case of getting the patients through the door.

Now, that can sometimes be the difficult part. When you decided to become an acupuncturist, you didn’t realise you needed to be a salesperson as well.

That’s where we can help. As the saying goes, “Been there done that”.

We will assist you to start building a thriving acupuncture business.

You will have your own personal mentor to bounce ideas off and to support you in your decisions.

Join the Acupuncture Warriors at our highest level – Black Belt 2nd Dan and let us grow your business together.


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