The Causative Factor in Five Element Acupuncture

When a Five Element practitioner first meets a patient and before they commence with any treatment, they conduct a Traditional Diagnosis (TD), to establish the Causative Factor (CF) and levels of the energetic imbalances within the patient.

This is one of the central ideas of Five Element Acupuncture and the CF is the name given to the Element whose weakness, whether congenital or caused early in childhood, is the key to all the patterns of disharmony within the Body, Mind, Spirit. 

Finding the CF is the aim of the TD and it is primarily revealed by diagnosis through, Colour, Sound, Odour, and Emotion (CSOE). Other diagnostic indicators provide the practitioner with a complete picture of the energetic patterns which, in turn, leads to a unique treatment plan. These indicators include such factors as a comprehensive case history, a detailed record of the main complaint, the pulse, and tongue diagnosis, along with the patient’s relationship with their environment.


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