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Acupuncture Point Series – Kidney Meridian: Kid 6

Kidney 6 “Illuminating Sea” is said to conjure up an image of enlightenment and radiance of spirit reflecting and enhancing the origin of light. My teacher would refer to this point as providing an energetic reservoir. This point has a strong impact on the patient’s contemplation, providing an awareness of the vitality of Spirit.

The Kidney pathways connection provides influence over the area of the abdomen, through its connection as the opening point of the Yin Qiao Mai. Kid 6 is often the point to treat infertility since it tonifies Kidney Yin and Kidney Essence.

This point benefits the eyes, the throat, calms the mind and opens the chest.

Michael Baker Grad Dip (HPE), BAc. MFHT, Dip in Life Coaching.

Michael Baker
Michael Baker

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