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Acupuncture Point Series – Spleen: Sp 2

Spleen 2 Da Du “Great Capital”

The Ling Shu discusses how Sp 2 and Sp 3 are often used together to treat the Spleen.

Since Sp 2 is the Fire point of Spleen, we can understand that if the Spleen becomes too self-absorbed and serious, or when Earth becomes cold and bogged down, that the light and inspiration of the Shen can initiate intent into thought and form.

The word ‘Capital’ in the name of this point suggests a metropolis or busy place where exchanges and negotiations take place as, indeed, the Spleen is constantly busy at our centre. Sp 2 can bring light and vitality to the Spleen. Since it’s the tonification point – nourishment and support to the Earth come from the mother-child relationship via the sheng cycle.

When the Qi becomes stuck and is not circulating freely, or becomes agitated and flustered, then Sp 2 can help regulate the temperature of the Spleen to enable management of all its relationships and transitions. It can also be used to expel pathogenic factors to clear heat in the early stages of fevers, induce sweating, and as a first-aid point for sprains and fractures.

Michael Baker Grad Dip (HPE), BAc. MFHT, Dip in Life Coaching.

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