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Acupuncture Point Series – Stomach Meridian: St 36

We’re launching an acupuncture point series here on the International College of Acupuncture (ICA) blog.

Our Principal, Michael Baker, will provide valuable insight into the uses, Chinese characters, historical links and Mind/Body/Spirit relationship of a selection of points.

We begin with the Stomach meridian and the wonderful Stomach 36 point. Over to Michael…

St 36 Leg Three Miles (Zu San Li)

St 36 is a major point in treatment planning, it strengthens, and enriches Earth providing endurance and a sense of security. It’s used preventively to keep the patient free from disease by nourishing Wei defensive Qi. The alternative name of “Ghost Evil” indicates its use in such conditions as epilepsy, manic depression and schizophrenia.

The Chinese Character for “Zu San Li” helps us to understand the essence of this point. The image of “Zu” is a foot walking in stillness along its path in balance, the image of “San” is three lines – upper represents heaven, the middle is man, the lower is earth. ”Li” is an image of a hamlet of families working to cultivate the earth. This point provides stability, receptivity; here we can find the stamina to walk the fullness of our path.

When Chinese medicine discusses the historical links of St 36 Leg Three Miles, the story that unfolds is this: in ancient times to deliver messages between villages required a strong runner of great stamina.

The essence of St 36 Leg Three Miles (Zu San Li) is to walk in the stillness of the way between heaven and earth with strength.

St 36 is the storehouse for putting things into action, to give us extra strength when things get difficult, to utilise the harvest of golden nourishing grains which have been stored to ensure survival in harder times.

Michael Baker Grad Dip (HPE), BAc. MFHT, Dip in Life Coaching.

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Michael Baker
Michael Baker

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