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ST36 Stomach 36 Acupuncture Point

Acupuncture Point Series – Stomach Meridian: St 36

We’re launching an acupuncture point series here on the International College of Acupuncture (ICA) blog. Our Principal, Michael Baker, will provide valuable insight into the uses, Chinese characters, historical links and Mind/Body/Spirit relationship of a selection of points. We begin with the Stomach meridian and the wonderful Stomach 36 point. Over to Michael…   St […]

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Ice on a branch

December 2012 – Water Rat Part II

As a special treat for Christmas, we’re sharing Ba Zi consultant Stacey George’s Solar Fortnight insight for the Winter Solstice. Previous forecasts, can be found in the ‘5 Element Archives’ within the ‘Ancient Wisdom’ section of the Members Only Area. Classical Five-Element Acupuncturists, can register with us here. Solar Fortnight: Winter Solstice – 21st December […]

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December 2012 – Water Rat Part I

Solar Fortnight: Great Snow – 7th December 2012 02:32am   Hour Day Month Year Metal Water Water Water 辛 壬 壬 壬 丑 寅 子 辰 Ox Tiger Rat Dragon   December 2012 has been talked about for many years due to it being the end of the Mayan’s 13-Baktun cycle. This Chinese Solar Fortnight […]

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