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Neural Responses

Acupuncture Activates Neural Responses in Parkinson’s

New research shows that in patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and in PD animal models, acupuncture treatment on GB34 (Yanglingguan) leads to significant improvements. These studies used fuctional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) to test the neural responses of 12 patients with PD and 12 healthy participants before and after acupuncture stimulation at GB34. Patients with […]

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Chronic Pain Acupuncture

Proof That Acupuncture Works for Chronic Pain

In what may be the most significant research to emerge in the last five years, an international collaboration, involving some of the UK’s top acupuncture researchers, has provided definitive evidence that acupuncture is effective for chronic pain. 17,922 patients were evaluated across twenty-nine studies identified for inclusion. The effects of acupuncture were tested in clinical […]

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Differential Autonomic Response to Acupuncture at Wood and Metal Acupoints

As acupuncturists, we know that haphazard needling isn’t as effective as using actual acupuncture points. Still, it’s great to see a recent study showing the different effects on the nervous system following acupuncture at Wood and Metal points. The four acupoints used were: the Wood Tonification Point (Zhongchong, PC9 – Rushing into the Middle), Wood […]

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