Our first term begins in September 2019.

Students will be expected to attend monthly weekends held on Saturday and Sunday – Dates for Year One are as follows:

Saturday 21st September & Sunday 22nd September 2019

Saturday 19th October & Sunday 20th October 2019

Saturday 16th November & Sunday 17th November 2019

Saturday 14th December & Sunday 15th December 2019

Saturday 18th January & Sunday 19th January 2020

Saturday 15th February & Sunday 16th February 2020

Saturday 21st March & Sunday 22nd March 2020

Saturday 25th April & Sunday 26th April 2020

Saturday 23rd May & Sunday 24th May 2020

Saturday 20th June & Sunday 21st June 2020

Saturday 18th July & Sunday 19th July 2020

This is a blended learning course, so each student will be expected to complete 12-15 hours of online study per week.

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