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Differential Autonomic Response to Acupuncture at Wood and Metal Acupoints

As acupuncturists, we know that haphazard needling isn’t as effective as using actual acupuncture points. Still, it’s great to see a recent study showing the different effects on the nervous system following acupuncture at Wood and Metal points.

The four acupoints used were: the Wood Tonification Point (Zhongchong, PC9 – Rushing into the Middle), Wood Tonification Point (Zhongzhu, TH3 – Middle Islet), Metal Point (Jianshi, PC5 – The Intermediary), and Metal Entry Point (Guanchong, TH1 – Rushing the Frontier Gate) on the left hand.

N.B. The Wood/Metal points seem to have been noted incorrectly in the ‘Interventions’ section of the study, the above points are correct and correlate with the results.

Visit the Pub Med article to see how the responses differed between the points tested.

Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins

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