Acupuncture WarriorsNew: Join our Acupuncture Warriors’ Dojo!

Inside the Dojo, we explore all things acupuncture.

We’ve established Acupuncture Warriors as a place where acupuncturists of all backgrounds can come together for support and guidance. As a Dojo member, you will have access to a mentorship programme covering everything from building your practice and attracting new patients to treatment planning and training.

The type of acupuncturist who will make a good Warrior is a practitioner who is always looking to improve their skills and knowledge, someone interested in what is best for their patients and someone who wishes to be part of an exceptional group of acupuncturists.

You could be a practitioner just starting on your acupuncture path; you may need help and mentorship setting up and building your business. This support will be available in the Dojo.

You may be an experienced practitioner who would benefit from the support and mentorship to take your practice to new levels, knowing someone is always there to support you in the Dojo.

The Acupuncture Warriors’ Dojo has two sensei with over 45 years of acupuncture knowledge and experience between them.

Your sensei will be there to support you in all aspects of your professional life. You may want help with marketing and attracting new patients, or you may benefit from support on a more personal level with mentorship and guidance. No matter how experienced we think we are, we can all use a little support and guidance. You may have become stuck on a treatment plan and need treatment planning support to help move forward.

As an Acupuncture Warrior, you can be sure that your sensei and fellow Warriors will always be there, ready to help.

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