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The Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course is both written and taught by experienced acupuncturist and lecturer Michael Baker Post Grad Dip (HPE). BAc. MFHT, Dip in Life Coaching. 2nd Dan.

Michael was fortunate enough to study with Professor J. R. Worsley and his inspirational team at The College of Traditional Acupuncture, (CTA) in Leamington Spa, UK, becoming a member of the faculty in 2001.



Our aim is to nurture, assist and support every student to reach their full potential, through encouragement and inspirational empowerment to achieve excellence.

This course is open to qualified acupuncture practitioners.

You have each, in your time, qualified as an acupuncturist. The question was asked once, how long does it take to become a master in acupuncture: the answer is a lifetime of learning. Our course provides a very important step in your constant learning programme and adds another string to your bow, bringing you closer to being the best practitioner.

By enroling on our course, you will dramatically increase and widen your knowledge of the science of acupuncture, by understanding the power of the Five Elements and how it can benefit your patients. It will enable a balanced and complete diagnosis and treatment for your patients.

Five Element stands by TCM and is not a competitor, but a variation of treatment styles and beliefs, enabling expansion of your treatment regime.

This interesting and exciting course provides a Five Element thinking to your diagnosis and treatments.

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On successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate in Five Element Acupuncture Theory. It is understood by completing this program that, unless already fully qualified as a Five Element acupuncturist, you have been introduced to the theory of Five Element Acupuncture only and will not be able to claim to be a Five Element practitioner. As your own professional training consisted of your completing an extensive practical course, as indeed is the case for the practitioners who study Five Element Acupuncture. This course is intended as a first step, albeit a comprehensive one, on the journey.

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Once enroled, students can access the course for one year to complete their studies (as outlined in the Terms and Conditions). ICA reserves the right to amend the course access duration at any time, which will be updated on this page and in the Terms and Conditions.



For a detailed list of what subjects are covered in this comprehensive course, please visit the Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course contents page.



The College uses one of 2018's top 15 highest performing learning providers, according to the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), to run their online theory course and upcoming blended learning diploma.



Michael Baker has posted a Q&A here to cover all of the frequently asked questions about his Five Element Acupuncture Theory online course. And, of course, if there's anything else you'd like to know about the acupuncture study programme, please contact us.

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