A simple analogy of acupuncture could be to liken it to a car. You know what it’s like when you avoid servicing the vehicle or having the oil changed. Eventually, you know it will give up on you and go wrong. How many of us carry on driving when the red warning light says we are nearly out of fuel? We are just asking for trouble.

The body is very similar in some respects – we ignore all the signs and carry on until our warning lights stop flashing – the engine then packs up altogether, and in some cases, it’s too late or is a costly exercise to correct.

Five Element Acupuncture is the equivalent to that regular service and top-up.

The International College of Acupuncture links with ‘The 5 Element Acupuncture Network‘. The latter provides details of qualified acupuncturists who have undergone specific training in Five-Element Acupuncture as part of their degree, diploma or licentiate. All practitioners listed in The 5 Element Acupuncture Network directory, must have attended a recognised institute to obtain their qualification.

It’s easy to find a classically trained acupuncturist near you by using our comprehensive search facility above.

The Network is growing all the time, so remember to check back regularly for new practitioner information and interesting articles about this dynamic form of treatment.

Would you like to train as a Five Element acupuncturist? Visit our courses page for full details of our acupuncture training programmes.

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

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