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Acupuncture Point Series – Spleen: SP 4

Spleen 4 Gong Sun “Grandfather Grandson” Sp 4 is a wonderful point for the spirit of Earth. Its connection with the Chong Mai*, and thus indirectly with Pre and Post Heavenly Qi, gives it a sense of continuity through generations. As the opening point for the Chong Mai, which coalesces with St 30, Sp 4 benefits both […]

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Online Acupuncture Class

New Format for Five Element Acupuncture Diploma

In light of Covid-19, we’ve made some adjustments to our next Five Element Acupuncture Diploma two-year course. We’ve taken the course content and restructured it so that you can enrol and study for the first six months from home. Practical on-campus classes will resume in March 2021. You will learn the same acupuncture theory and […]

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