Five Element Acupuncture Theory

Ian Felix

This course has been totally captivating and inspirational. It’s one of those courses that once you are given ideas and concepts – you cannot not see them. They weave themselves into your clinical practice, knowingly […]

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Kenneth Yuen

I attended the course online and I found the content useful for my daily Physiotherapy practices. Unlike traditional Chinese acupuncture approach, the 5 element acupuncture theory illustrates a comprehensive and systematic approach in guiding you

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Whitney Ellis

I am honored to have attended your online continuing education course! Thank you for having me and sharing some much-needed perspective along with the wisdom only encompassed by a true professional. I feel truly enlightened.

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Revana Swales

Thank you for providing a very informative and thoroughly enjoyable course. I trained originally in TCM and it has been a pleasure to learn so much more about the five elements which have always interested

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